Tips For Making The Best Italian Bread

Bread baking is both an art and a science. It requires that you are attentive and precise with your baking, and the approach will vary based on the type of bread you're baking. For example, basic white bread is soft and dense throughout with a soft and buttery crust. The same typically applies to dinner rolls, though they are lighter and don't have the same dense crumb that the bread does.

Are You Hosting a Bridal Shower?

Have you noticed that bridal showers are especially elegant lately? it seems that the days when a bride received things like a broom and a teapot are gone. Also gone are the simple refreshments, maybe little sandwiches, fruit, punch and cake for dessert. If you are hosting a bridal shower for a close friend, you are more than likely wanting it to be one that will be both unique and memorable.