Are You Hosting a Bridal Shower?

Have you noticed that bridal showers are especially elegant lately? it seems that the days when a bride received things like a broom and a teapot are gone. Also gone are the simple refreshments, maybe little sandwiches, fruit, punch and cake for dessert. If you are hosting a bridal shower for a close friend, you are more than likely wanting it to be one that will be both unique and memorable. With that in mind, from selecting custom catering services to activities at the shower, here are some ideas that might help you.

Custom Catering Services

Of course, you could cook, serve and then clean up after the bridal shower yourself. However, doesn't that thought just exhaust you? Plus, if you're busy with all the food and all that goes with it, how will you really be able to visit with your guests and have a good time yourself? Consider arranging for custom catering service.

If you have a menu already in mind, the caterers will be more than happy to serve exactly what you have on your list. The caterer might embellish your ideas a bit. For example, if you want fruit as part of the menu, the caterer might suggest fruit kabobs served with a delicate sauce to accompany the fruit. It might be that you have no clue as to what you want to serve. You might have thought of so many things that you have just not been able to decide. No worries. The caterers will have the experience to know what your guests will enjoy. Besides being delicious, the presentation will be perfect.

When you make arrangements for custom catering services, be sure to be very specific about how many guests you'll be expecting. Also, be clear about the date and the time you want the food served. Perhaps you have your own dinnerware that you want to use. That's fine. However, if you would rather that the catering service provide that, they can bring formal linens, dinnerware, and even gorgeous punch bowls that you can use. And, remember, you won't have to clean anything up, as that will be done by the caterers.

The Bridal Shower Activity

Keep in mind that those who attend the shower mostly want to visit. In fact, some people are very uncomfortable with games, Consider asking the bride to tell the story of how she and her sweetheart met. Another idea is to ask each person to give advice to the bride. And, of course, offer a toast. The caterers can provide Champagne glasses and Champagne, too.